Provide value to your clients

Provide value to your clients

Everything in Nozol is tied to your biggest asset: your clients.

Instant Communication

Facebook Ads integration

You lose your data and money while transfer leads from Facebook to your Team manually, Now you can captured leads from Facebook instantly to Nozol, don’t be late to contact your prospects.


Sales Managers Tools

Offer the critical reports to insure that you take the right decision to increase the productivity for the team.

Team Collaboration is easy.

Marketing channels efficiency report.

Why customer doesn’t buy.

Real time leads qualification.

New leads auto-assignment

Serve your clients

Companies compete each other in order to provide best customer relation ever, Nozol empowers you with the necessary tool to do that.

Track requests

Track every single request for every client, inform your client with the updates.

request history

All interactions from different users about any issue in one place.


Join over 700 sales agent that trust us.

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